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//  Origin:  Drimnagh, Dublin
//  Genres:  Hip-hop
//  Years Active:  2017 - Present
//  Label:  Burner Records
//  Website:  fynch,ie
Short Bio

FYNCH is a 26 year-old rapper hailing from Drimnagh in South Dublin. He is one of the founding members of collective and label Burner Records. He is noted for his laidback flows containing trademark Dublin wit and prose, with his debut EP 'Bookies Pens & Loose Ends' being well-received on release in October 2019.

His latest single 'Ceilings' is out on June 16th.



Label/Bookings: Burner Records |

Management: Current management enquiries through the

Burner Records email. FYNCH is currently without a dedicated manager at the moment. Enquire about the role at

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